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Coral Arena

Coral Arena is a virtual narrative of a monumental sculpture. The staggering and seemingly impossible shape in a contextless, scaleless white cube is transplanted to the Miami Beach coastline. Submerged in the ocean bed, the once rigidly geometric sculpture blooms as the natural growth of corals on all of its surfaces creates a new underwater eco-system. This digital piece simulates the life of a physical artwork that will be installed in the future as a part of the ReefLine masterplan - it is a digital twin to a sculpture that will live and grow over time, depicting the sculpture as a piece of resilient infrastructure. Proceeds from the sale of this release will be donated to The ReefLine, an artificial reef, marine habitat and sculpture park in Miami Beach.


Written & directed by: OMA NY, charlotte taylor & nicholas préaud

CGI artists: nicholas préaud, pablo alfieri, martin salfity, diego diapolo, macs riedel

sound design: smider