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Magna Mater is a moving and touching portrait that celebrates the wonders of Mother Nature and her relationship with human beings.

Written & Directed by Pablo Alfieri @alfieri_pablo
Produced by Playful @helloplayful
Soundtrack by Niccolò Chotkowski & Smider Agency @nickchotkowski @smideragency @guidosmider
Starring the Seven CGI Wizards / R&D Artists: Alex Levinton, Fede Kanno, Macs Riedel, Mariano Abel, Martin Salfity & Pablo Alfieri.
@alexlevinton @fedekanno @macs.riedel @mariano.abel @martin_salfity @alfieri_pablo
and the CGI Special Guesses: Fernan Sellàres Ribas & Matias Furno @ferran.sellrib @matiasfurno
With Dancing movements of Carla Sisteré Lopez @carlasisterelopez (as Cosmo)
Decoding, Rigging & Animation of Cosmo: Twisted Media Animation inc
Cosmo Creators: Rafa Zabala, Nemanja Ivanovic, Ruan Els @rafazabalastudio @lunemastudio @redartinc
Cosmo Costume Digital Design by: Tugçe Türkes from Masterkey & Pablo Alfieri @poly_tailor @masterkeyvirtualfashion
Final Costume modelling: Mateo Vallejo @mateovallejo
Post-production: Matias Mastrogiano @mati.mast
Editing & Montage: Pablo Alfieri @alfieri_pablo
Cinematography: Macs Riedel @macs.riedel